BRVFD Support Letter

Dear Neighbor,

Happy New Year! Thank you from your Blue Ridge Fire & Rescue team for your support in 2011. We wish you a happy and safe New Year. In 2012, we need your continued support to sustain our successful operations, train our volunteer personnel, and cover general operating expenses (ever-higher fuel and insurance costs) to ensure the highest level of service to you. Your donation goes a long way to lighten our load. We take great pride in our training and professionals and in the level of service we offer to our growing community, at no charge to you, in an emergency.

Last year we improved our EMS capabilities with the addition of a new Advanced Life Support (ALS) SUV and our volunteers responded to 275 EMS & fire calls. Our highly motivated and thoroughly trained volunteers donate many hours to ensure you the highest level of service and protection. We constantly maintain and upgrade our emergency equipment, train volunteer personnel, cover our expenses and will conduct seven fund raisers this year. Please join us at any of our fund raisers as well.  Help us focus our energy and unique skills on handling the emergencies instead of excessive fundraising to stay ahead of the curve.

We count on you, Neighbor, so that you may count on us!

On behalf of all Blue Ridge Volunteers, thank you for supporting us.