Structure Fire in Berryville


Structure Fire on Donn Lane

Company 1 and 8 dispatch for a chimney fire on Donn Lane.  Rescue engine 8 responded with 5.  Supplemental information from dispatch advised fire through the roof.  Chief 8 advised to upgrade assignment to a structure box.  On arrival command was transferred to Chief 8.  RE 8 set up water supply, and remaining crew of 3 went interior, pulled ceiling, and extinguished fire.  Second alarm brought engine and tanker 604 and engine 21.

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Church Fire

Engine Co. 1, 8, and Frederick 18 was dispatched for a church fire fully involved. FCFR Engine 10 operating as engine 18 arrived first advising smoke visable from the alpha, delta side. Wagon 1 picked up their line, and established water supply. Chief 8 assigned water supply, Captain 8 assigned safety officer.  Wagon 8’s crew of four advanced a 2 1/2 inch line through side A holding the fire in quadrants C and D.


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Structure Fire at 207 E. Main Street in Berryville

On Wednesday, December 5, at 22:00 hours, Company 8 units were dispatched for a structure fire at 207 E. Main Street in Berryville. The crew from Rescue Engine 8 attempted to advance a 2 1/2 line until command evacuated the structure due to heavy fire in the ceiling area. Following evacuation, crews were split to provide protection on the Delta exposure. ALS 8’s vehicle was used as the initial command center. Attempts to fight the fire were complicated by a rupture in the gas main feeding the structure. Chief 1 (Sours) had command.