BRVFD Support Letter

Dear Neighbor,

Happy New Year! Thank you from your Blue Ridge Fire & Rescue team for your support in 2011. We wish you a happy and safe New Year. In 2012, we need your continued support to sustain our successful operations, train our volunteer personnel, and cover general operating expenses (ever-higher fuel and insurance costs) to ensure the highest level of service to you. Your donation goes a long way to lighten our load. We take great pride in our training and professionals and in the level of service we offer to our growing community, at no charge to you, in an emergency.

Last year we improved our EMS capabilities with the addition of a new Advanced Life Support (ALS) SUV and our volunteers responded to 275 EMS & fire calls. Our highly motivated and thoroughly trained volunteers donate many hours to ensure you the highest level of service and protection. We constantly maintain and upgrade our emergency equipment, train volunteer personnel, cover our expenses and will conduct seven fund raisers this year. Please join us at any of our fund raisers as well.  Help us focus our energy and unique skills on handling the emergencies instead of excessive fundraising to stay ahead of the curve.

We count on you, Neighbor, so that you may count on us!

On behalf of all Blue Ridge Volunteers, thank you for supporting us.

Fire Safety Class For Berryville Primary First Graders

On Thursday Oct 28th Rescue Engine 8 and crew visited the first grade at Berryville Primary to talk about fire safety. We would like to thank all the wonderful students who were very well behaved and polite. To all of the teachers and staff thank you for scheduling us into your busy day. We hope everyone learned about the importance of smoke detectors and home exit plans. Remember to change your batteries in your detectors when you set your clocks back. Special thanks to Mrs. Manzuk for participating and putting on all of the firefighter’s personal protective equipment as a demonstration.

MVC with Vehicle Fully Involved

Early Tuesday morning 8 and 21 called for vehicle fire. RE-8 responded with 5 and ambulance 8 followed. On arrival found passenger car fully involved as a result of crash.E-21 came with 4 and assisted with blocking on highway. Amb.-8 checked out driver of car who was uninjured.

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Structure Fire 11430 Harry Byrd Hwy

Shortly after 20:00 Hours Stations 1, 8 , and Frederick 18 were dispatched for structure fire. RE -8 responded with 4 and Clarke advised multiple reports of structure fully involved. Captain 1 added Tanker 4 to assignment. Wagon 1 arrived and advised 2 story SFD well involved. They deployed 2 1/2 and advised RE-8 to establish water supply. Crews from RE-8 with the assistance of Winc. Chief 1 opened up walls to assist with knocking fire down. Thanks to our LCFR Brothers for filling our station during incident.


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Structure Fire in Berryville


Structure Fire on Donn Lane

Company 1 and 8 dispatch for a chimney fire on Donn Lane.  Rescue engine 8 responded with 5.  Supplemental information from dispatch advised fire through the roof.  Chief 8 advised to upgrade assignment to a structure box.  On arrival command was transferred to Chief 8.  RE 8 set up water supply, and remaining crew of 3 went interior, pulled ceiling, and extinguished fire.  Second alarm brought engine and tanker 604 and engine 21.

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Church Fire

Engine Co. 1, 8, and Frederick 18 was dispatched for a church fire fully involved. FCFR Engine 10 operating as engine 18 arrived first advising smoke visable from the alpha, delta side. Wagon 1 picked up their line, and established water supply. Chief 8 assigned water supply, Captain 8 assigned safety officer.  Wagon 8’s crew of four advanced a 2 1/2 inch line through side A holding the fire in quadrants C and D.


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Structure Fire at 207 E. Main Street in Berryville

On Wednesday, December 5, at 22:00 hours, Company 8 units were dispatched for a structure fire at 207 E. Main Street in Berryville. The crew from Rescue Engine 8 attempted to advance a 2 1/2 line until command evacuated the structure due to heavy fire in the ceiling area. Following evacuation, crews were split to provide protection on the Delta exposure. ALS 8’s vehicle was used as the initial command center. Attempts to fight the fire were complicated by a rupture in the gas main feeding the structure. Chief 1 (Sours) had command.